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        internetrush1 Enthusiast

        Sorry, we are moving into active directory. I need to do a few things.


        Enable all active directory services

        Change the server name

        Join the domain

        Change the SEARCH DOMAINS (under DNS and Routing in the GUI)

        I have a script working. It uses a modified version of your host rename function, then uses get-vmhostAuthentication | set-vmhostauthentication cmdlets; however, its over 500 lines long and can probably be cut significantly.

        if i can do it all from ESXCLI id be happy to.

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          internetrush1 Enthusiast

          When i do this:




          I recieve null feedback; however, i know i have 3 domains listed under the servers dns search configuration.




          get-member revealed the following:



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            LucD Guru
            Community WarriorsvExpertUser Moderators

            That should be


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              MR-Z Enthusiast
              VMware Employees

              Great tips! thanks for sharing.


              I am trying to avoid the remove/re-add process as that i think historical data are lost on a host when remove and re-add. And some custom fileds and custom values on the host might be wiped out as well...


              There must be a way to just update the hostname displayed under hosts and cluster views? (After changing the hostname on the esxi host and dns first of course).

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