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    esxi 5.5 and microsoft vpn

    mmark751969 Novice

      I have an esxi 5.5 server that was recently installed.  I've noticed that after the installation of esxi 5.5.  The microsoft pptp vpn servers no longer work.  . They hang at 'verifying username and password'.  Usually this is due to firewalls blocking the gre protocol.  But in this case, It has been verified that this is not the case from a combination of packet sniffing and elimination(other MS pptp vpn servers, running older esxi, behind the same firewall, with same rules, are working fine)and local server firewall is off as well.  I then had a fresh new windows server 2008 vm installed(on same esxi 5.5 server) and configured rras on it with same results.  This is trying from multiple client workstations some running win7 and another xp with their firewalls off as well.  Also(maybe the smoking gun)is that this all started last wednesday night - when esxi 5.5 was installed.  Earlier that day(when it was still on 5.0),i was using that pptp vpn fine.   So, was wondering what in esxi 5.5 could be conflicting with or causing this. Or if anyone as seen something similar(i've heard that 5.5 offers more features with respect to network filtering and the like).