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    Troubles when mapping USB KEY (Connecting...)

    ghalan_Matthieu Lurker



      I would like to automate the mapping of an USB Key using VSphere client.

      (- I have no access to the hosts - It's not possible to map the usb key trough TCP Soft, it's for an exotic guest OS (Theos Corona))


      So, I started Onyx and is connected to my Vsphere Server, then launched my Vshpere client connected to Onyx.

      I can suspend and resume a VM.

      But When I try to map the USB Key,

      I have this log in Onyx :

      // ------- AcquireCloneTicket -------



      VMware.Vim.SessionManager _this = new VMware.Vim.SessionManager(_client, new VMware.Vim.ManagedObjectReference("SessionManager-SessionManager"));







      And in VShpere, the USB Key is connecting... (USB Device 1 (Connecting...), but it does not go in connected mode.


      If Vshpere Client is directly connected to the Server, i don't have any problem. the usb key is directly connected.


      I tried using two version of Onyx and having the same problem.

      - Onyx_2.0.3883.33827

      - Onyx_2.1.4226.28167


      VSphere Client : 5.0.0 Build 913577 - VCenter Server 5.0.0 Build 804277


      Hope someone could help me.

      I you need more information on that issue, I'm available.



      Thanks for your help.

      Kind regars all,