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    Chargeback Manager report creation strangeness

    wisbeech Novice

      Hi All,


      First off i am new to charge back manager so bear with me if i muddle my terminology and or terms and thanks for your patience in advance!!


      Okay, so basically I have set a custom Hierarchy based on our virtualised DMZ, I've also created a Pricing Model with some stats and figures i was supplied with.


      I’ve backdated the pricing model Base Rates with hourly base rates for CPU, Memory and Storage.


      The billing policy is set to Actual Usage. The policy has been backdated to April 1st of this year.


      When i go to run a report against the DMZ hierarchy with the pricing model i previously created i get an Info message stating "Entity DMZ was not present between Mon Apr 01 00:00:00 BST 2013 and Fri May 31 00:00:00 BST 2013, therefore skipping all processing for that time duration."


      I've tried backdating, applying amended billing rates to the entity specifically.


      I know i am missing something here, but have no idea what, has anyone seen this before or can anyone shed any light?


      Version is 2.5.1 Build Number 1131433.



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          rponomar Lurker

          Hi wisbeech,


          That's good that you backdated the pricing model and billing policy because that will throw some problems if you didn't do that.


          I am assuming that the TYPE of report you are trying to create is a COST REPORT.  I have had the same info message come up when I've ran a cost report saying the "Entity 'whatever' was not present" between whatever dates.


          You said you "tried backdating, applying amended billing rates to the entity specifically".


          The only way to generate reports on stuff in the past is to go to the Manage Hierarchy tab, then select the Hierarchy you want, then go the bottom of the page where it says Tools and click on the arrow to display the menu.  Then at the bottom of the menu you can click on the word Backdate and the hierarchy can then pick up information UP TO 3 MONTHS BACK when running a report.


          So the problem might be that you didn't backdate the hierarchy so it can't find into on it in the past.


          Another problem if you've done that already is that the time frame you selected the report to generate on is too far back where it can't gather information on it.


          So if you did the 3 month backdate but still selected a time frame before that 3 months, then the report will say that the Entity did not exist.


          Hope this helps.

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            PramodCV Novice
            VMware Employees

            Hi wisbeech,

            As I understand from the above comments. You are trying to generate a COST REPORT for the back dated Custom Hierarchy. When we do a back date on a Hierarchy, Charge Back manager populates the data for all the entities in that Hierarchy for past 3 months from the current date only.


            From the above comments, you are trying the generate the report From April 1st 2013  which is too far back. Considering Nov 12 2013 as current date, when we do a back date, Charge Back Manager populates data till Current date - 3 months (appox Aug 12 2013.) which mean on the Hierarchy, we can generate reports where we can give the start as Aug 12 2013. and end date as current date.


            This back date feature should be only used for demo purpose and not in real time production envirnoment.