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    Java process demoted to single CPU

    berborfi Lurker

      Java process demoted to single CPU 

      please help on this issue.

      I take care of a production enterprise application , it is a java process quite complex that is a middleware application.
      The process runs 24 hours a day. Usage cpu is 60% as mean value all day.
      The process have some burst of cpu usage at 100% usage in the afternoon.
      The process runs in a WMWARE virtual Server:
      the server is configured 2 CPU, 4GB ram;
      the server is installed as a Linux Kernel 2.6.18-274.12.1.el5.
      Java version installed is 1.6.0_16;
      In a unpredictable moment, mean 2 times a week, the processes is misteriously demoted to Single CPU,
      so it takes maximum 50% CPU and application becomes unavailable because not capable to serve all requests.
      Does anybody knows if there is an "auto demoting to single cpu" mechanism in Java ?
      Or in Linux?
      Or in Wmware?

      thanks in advance