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    VSA 5.5: Increase VSA Cluster Storage Capacity fails

    chrsurfer Lurker

      Hello to everyone,


      I am new with VMware Virtual Storage Appliance 5.5.

      I installed a ne 2-Node Cluster environment with two HP DL 380 Gen 8 with 3 TB of Local Storage.

      The ESXi-Hosts are in Version 5.5 and are newly installed.

      After the Installation of the two ESXi-Hosts, I installed the VCenter 5.5 on the Local Storage on of the Servers.

      After the successful installation and configuration of the new VCenter, I installed the VSA-Manager on the VCenter and perform a Brownfield-Installation of the VSA Cluster.

      This works all fine and after the successful configuration I migrate the VCenter from the Local data store of one of the ESXi host to one of the VSA data stores.

      Now I want to increase the VSA Cluster Storage Capacity with the free Capacity of local data store after migration of VCenter.

      I get the following error message now:

      Warning: Extending VMDK on VSA-0 and waited 1200 seconds for storage entities to come online. Please stop I/Os on the VSA datastores for increase storage to continue

      I am not able to abort the action of increasing Storage Capacity.

      Can anyone help me with this problem?