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    Question on VCA-WM Exam

    ronnutter Novice

      Got my VCP5-DCV cert a few weeks ago.  Been looking at VCA-WM as a next step since money is a little tight on going to class for the Professional version of that certification.


      Have been through the video training twice and now starting a third pass.  Since I still have my lab setup from studying for VCP5-DCV, I should be able to use that to go through the VMware View install and use process.  Is that overkill for the VCA-WM ?



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          Abhilashhb Virtuoso
          vExpertVMware Employees

          As you already know the WM course not only covers View it also has Horizon Mirage and Horizon workspace. Unless you setup everything its not of any use. If you are doing it in VCP-DT  the it makes some sense. I would suggest you to go through the video and give the exam once you are good with the concepts. I gave the exam with just the self-paced training and i made it through.

          I would never say no to setup a lab and explore but if you are doing it just for VCA-VM then i don't think its needed. That's my opinion.

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            umarbilallilla Lurker

            That self-paced e-learning is enough for the VCA-WM. The questions in this exam evaluates your understanding that you are aware of each product and identify which is required in asked scenario.