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    how to properly built up a vinfrastructure with vsphere 5.0?

    AsenG Lurker

      Good evening Guys,

      I am still very new into VMWare and lately I found the "vSphere ESXi vCenter Server 5.0 Examples and Scenarios Guide" and "vSphere ESXi vCenter Server 5.0 Virtual Machine Admin Guide", and also I am doing the awesome Train Signal for vSphere 5.0 and 5.1, but I am still missing some of the basic, I believe, crucial concepts of creating the vEnvironement into the right and most efficient way. Looking to the professional Labs designed into Chris Wahl's site - Home Lab | Wahl Network, I still have the feeling, I "miss" some of the important ideas has been used there. Could you, please advise me where to find some "how tos" or "step-by-step" for the basic principles a vinfrastructure should be built like for the beginner like me?

      Best Regards,