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    Retrieve virtual machine IP Address for added tab

    narroc Lurker

      Apologies if this has been asked before, but I could not locate anything quite like it. I'm attempting to complete what I hope is a fairly simple task, but I'm new to the plugin process and have very limited knowledge.


      TLDR: I want to add a new tab to the VirtualMachine page that shows the user the HTTP address of http://<vmip>, with the IP specific to whatever Virtual Machine they currently have selected. This page has critical service info and installation links to the software for that machine.


      Our vSphere installation services roughly a hundred VMs, with a dozen or more being deployed or destroyed each month. Each VM is a deployed template of software platform that is then customized for each specific project. Users browse a silly little HTML page that contains both RDP and HTTP links for all of the VMs we run, broken up into groups based on the settings/options for the software. Each VM built or destroyed requires us to update the HTML file. Once they select a project to use, the users follow the HTTP link to http://<vmip> in their browser to access the installation utility for our software. Every user will have to do this at least once, for every project they open. Occasionally, though, the user will have to RDP into the VM in order to start/stop services in the OS, so we provide a tailored RDP link as well.

      We've elected to give the users vSphere access to eliminate the actual list maintenance, as well as the console to eliminate the need for the RDP component, but we also wanted to be able to incorporate the web-based launcher as a vSphere Client feature. Is this possible? Am I just not far enough into the MOR documentation to truly grasp it yet? Any input in the form of XML specifications or examples would be greatly appreciated!