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    MS Cluster vMotion with Physical Compat RDM to Match Hyper-V?

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      Good morning,


      We recently had a product overview from Microsoft and part of that was new features from Hyper V. One feature they have the is the ability to live migrate Windows servers that are in a MS cluster by creating 2 HBAs and using 1 on each hosts facilitates a 'vMotion'. To the best of my knowledge vSphere does not have this in 5.1/5.5 (E+ licensing, EMC VNX SAN) because of physical compatibility RDM that is required. Does anyone know if this is actually available or on the roadmap? The last part of our datacenter to be virtualized are clustered SQL DBs and the main roadblock is losing the ability to vMotion (and perform maintenance on the ESXi host in MM).


      Thank you