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    "Snapshot hierarchy is too deep" after vSphere Replication crashed

    racom Enthusiast

      We use remote NFS server as target datastore for standalone vSphere Replication. It crashed a week ago. It looked like replication was reestablished well after restoring. But I've found two VM's in Virtual machine Consolidation Needed status. After stopping vSphere Replication and vSphere Data Protection I was able to consolidated one of them but the other one failed with "Snapshot hierarchy is too deep" error message. I've checked datastore and I can see 256 *-delta.vmdk and *-ctk.vmdk files. I've found some howto here http://networkadminkb.com/KB/a331/how-to-fix-snapshot-hierarchy-is-too-deep.aspx. But the affected VM is Active Directory PDC W2012 so I can't power it off now and I'm afraid to delete snapshost of running VM. Do you have any experience, please? Or is some other way how to consolidate snapshots of running VM?

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