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    PF Exception PSOD iSCSI HP Blade BL620 G7

    VidyaB Novice

      I have the following configuration:


      HP c3000 enclosure with 2 PS and 4 Fans

      HP Onboard Administrator Module

      HP KVM Module

      HP 1GB Ethernet Pass-Thru Module

      HP BL620c G7 with Intel Xeon 28xx Processors and 64 GB RAM

      HP 320GB IO Accelerator Module

      Corsair USB Drive plugged-in to Onboard USB Module

      Intel 520 SSD

      HP iSCSI Mezzanine Card

      Drobo B800i


      ESXi installed is HP Custom OEM version (VMware-ESXi-5.1.0-799733-HP-5.34.23) downloaded from VMware site upgraded using depot file (VMware-ESXi-5.1.0-Update1-1065491-HP-5.50.26-depot) to the latest available version.


      There are 2 networks on the box. One network is to communicate with all the machines and the other network is SAN connected iSCSI Port #2 of Drobo B800i.


      ESXi box connects to 2 TB Multi-Cluster LUN on Drobo B800i via SAN network creating a SAN datastore for ESXi.


      There are 2 VMs installed on the ESXi box. A Windows 2012 server and other Windows 7.


      Windows 2012 server VM is stored on SAN datastore and directly connects to NTFS LUNs on Drobo using Microsoft iSCSI Adapter and the mapping drives are shared using NFS essentially acting as file sever.


      Window 7 VM is stored on HP IO Accelerator datastore. When I am copying any file from local disk on Windows 7 VM to a NFS share on Windows 2012 server, I am getting Pink Screen of Death (PSOD) with PF Exception 14.


      Any help in identifying root cause of this problem is greatly appreciated.