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    Need a script to produce report of our cluster environment to Excel -please help...

    MikeRScot Lurker

      hey guys,

      I need to run an automated script which will export the information about cluster, hosts, vms and data stores into Excel/CSV


      What Id like is something like


      Set path to save document to required location

      Create Excel workbook with todays date

      Create Hosts Information worksheet

      Create Datastore Information worksheet

      Create VM Information worksheet


      For each cluster in clusters$

           For each host in hosts$             
                Add hosts information to Hosts worksheet including (name, version, cpus, cores, memory, cluster)

                Add datastore data to Datastore information worksheet  (name, type, total size GB, freespace GB, freespace %)


           For each VM in vm$

                Add VM data to VM Information worksheet  (name, cpu, memory, power, description, tools ver, cluster)




      Save all info to excel.


      Sorry how rough this is but am very flaky on dev/scripting knowledge. I hope someone can assist or has a script already produced.