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    How would I recreate the swap file for a Windows 2008 VM running on an ESX 3i host?

    RushAndNeverWasteTheDay Lurker

      As the subject states, I'm looking for a way to do this.  I inherited the environment from another group, and it is very tiny, but it is running ESX 3i on the two hosts, and Vcenter version 2.5 (Infrastructure) so it is a bit old.  5 of the 6 VM's are operational, however, the 6th when powered on will only get to 40% complete, but then it will fail stating that there isn't a swap file.  Now, normally there isn't a swap file, as they are created/deleted dynamically each time a VM is powered on either of the hosts.  It's quite odd. 


      In newer versions / environments, there seems to be ways to recreate swap capability easily, but that does not seem to be the case here.  I do not think it's a process lock as both hosts were rebooted to clear HA agent / resource issues.  My guess is what happened was one of the hosts couldn't spawn any more processes for some reason, and when the problem VM was powered down to attempt to clear some, the issue occurred.  Either that, or there are unreadable sectors within the datastore, and the swap file black holed in there....


      I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to fix the problem.  Any input would be welcome.