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    Issues with vShield App installation

    user1906 Novice

      Hello together,


      when I try to install the vShield App in our Test environment I have the following issue:

      At first there is a message like

      vShield App installation encountered error while installing
      service VM:Internal server error: EXCEPTION:
      com.bluelane.em.mediation.gateway.GatewayBasicException, MESSAGE:

      on the host where I try to install the App.


      When I ignore the message and install it anyway i got the following error:

      Do not install on a host or cluster where the VC or vShield
      Manager reside. This can cause network disruptions.
      The IP address below
      should be a unique IP address allotted to this vShield App appliance. Please do
      not use an IP address assigned to some other machine including VC, vShield
      Manager or any ESX host. Using an incorrect IP address will require you to
      uninstall and re-install vShield App on this host.


      The Ip adress I´ve typed is a unique one and I have also tried to use another one. There is also no old vShield App appliance on this host or in one of the assigned datastores.

      Does anyone know this problem? How can I install a new appliance?


      ESXi Server version:          5.1.0-1117900

      vShield Manager version:   5.1.2-997359

      vShield App version:           5.1.2-896234

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          dmuligan Enthusiast

          The second message is only a warning to not install vshield app in the same host where vshield manager or virtual center reside.

          Is the vShied App getting installed ?, if not ,check clock in ESXi, vCenter and and vShield manager, all must have the same config.

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            user1906 Novice

            I´ve checked the time - there are no differences.

            When I install the appliance anyway I get the first error message again and additionally the advise:


            Following VMs from previous, bad or unknown
            installations need to be removed manually:


            <hostname of the appliance which couldn´t be created>

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              dmuligan Enthusiast

              Try to remove it manually:


              ESXi 5.x:

              #esxcli software vib list | grep -i vshield
              #esxcli software vib remove -n <package name>

              Delete the vShield-FW-<IP> virtual machine from vCenter Server Inventory.

              On the ESX host, navigate to Configuration > Software and click Advanced Settings.

              Remove the IP address from /Net/Net.DVFilterBindIpAddress.


              Also remove vSwitch if was created a try reinstalling again.