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    Get-cddrive output gives the blank result.

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      Trying to learn the Powercli. I am trying to list the output of the vm which is connected to the CD-rom (local datastore iso)


      As there as so many tips about how to get-cddrive details.


      But below cmdlets gives no output. But the same with format-list gives the result. I am using Powercli version 4.1 in the test environment. So what's missing here, why I am getting blank here.


      get-vm Test1 | get-cddrive


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          For several PowerCLI objects that are a default set of properties that are displayed in the console.

          This is controlled through the .ps1xml files.


          Unfortunately, the IsoPath property is not included.

          With Format-List all the properties are displayed.


          An alternative is to use the Select-Object cmdlet and explicitely select the properties you want to see.

          For example:

          Get-VM Test1 | Get-CDDrive | Select Name,IsoPath