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    win2000 sp4 font terrible in Player.

    IReallTryhard Enthusiast

      Hi All,

      I have to use win2000 for some old software that is win2000-specific and have just installed it in VMPlayer v5 and it works well. Problem is the standard win2000 font is skinny and gray and not easily readable.


      I have the same win2000 (original install CD) on a laptop and the font was fine to read even when I plugged the VGA cable into this same monitor. I can only assume that the video driver that Player is using is messing with the fonts.


      How can I fix this as everything I run on the Player-win2000 is using this weedy little font, but only within Player.


      I can't change the font within the old software I need to run as it uses the win200 default font.