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    Access denied to partition on vmdk

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      Hi - I have a problem.  We are on a customer site for an install.  The vms all run W2009 R2, and have 2 partitions, a C and d drive.  On one of the vms the d drive in inaccessible and showing access denied in the guest OS.  This is a serious problem.  Is it likely to be a lock file or something else?  We shut the system down without any issues when we built it at base, so I don't know what's happened.  The vm boots and starts up fine otherwise.  I have a few things to try tomorrow but I haven't seen this before and hoping someone out there has.  I could restore a backup of the d drive onto a new virtual disk and change the drive letters but would prefer to fix this one partly for the customer and partly because I want to know for the future.


      Many thanks in advance.