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    How do I add a VM that has too many dependencies to be shown as "Map View " ?

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      When in Table View there is no option to add/remove a VM to an App or to create/delete an App.


      f.eks. I added three VM's and created an App called "Convergion"


      Two of those VM's can only be shown in "Table View" because of too many outgoing dependencies.

      I accidentally removed the Third VM (the one that could be shown in "Map View") and now I have no way of:


      1) Adding the third VM back to the App

      2) Removing the App or

      3) Remove the two remaining VM's from the App


      So, to create the App again I have to call it "Convergion~1" or something similarilly stupid.

      But two of the VM's now still belong to "Convergion" (the now "Zombied" App) as well as "Convergion~1"


      Any ideas ?


      P.S. I should be able to create an App and manually add the VM's needed from the vCenter Inventory (Search box or similar) without having to have a "Visual" contact in the Map View.

      Some maps get huge and it's not very practical.

      Consider this a feature request.

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          I'm Galit from the QE team of VIN.


          All the things that you've described are correct.

          It is actually an edge case where the only VM, that the manual App can be managed from its Map view, was removed from the App.

          The Manual App management is as designed, and may be changed in the future.


          There are 2 ways to overcome this situation:

          1.You can, as you stated, create another Manual App with similar name and remain with the "Zombie App".

          2. To run a specific command that will remove the Zombie App from the DB.

          Please note that option no. 2 involves using an API that we do not publish.

          If you would like to use option no. 2 contact me in private and we will see about supplying the relevant commands to run in order to delete the "zombie" application.


          Galit Gutman