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    Question Before install

    TBKing Enthusiast

      Yes, I RTFM.


      1) In several places it refers to installing or deploying the OVF "On the vCenter Server"

      Is this just a misnomer?

      The only thing "installed on the vCenter Server" would be the plug-in, correct?


      2) Ports:  It identified the network ports that need to be open, and one section is titled "Infrastructure Navigator to target hosts and virtual machines"

      Does the VIN server need to talk to the guests through their vNICs, aka, across a number of networks, multiple firewall holes?

      Or can VIN collect its information straight from the hosts - the network that vmkernel is on?


      3) Linked Mode Environment - If I have two vCenters, do I need two VINs?

      That sections seems to say "Maybe you do, Maybe you don't, depending on what you see when you enter the license"

      Not very clear.


      4) VMTools - We have a fair number of guests with tools not updated since the VI3 days.  Will that be a problem?


      5) During initial discovery, what kind of load is on the vCenter server?  Is it better to Discover off-hours?


      6) We have SRM.  What does "SRM Integration" do for us?

      .... and you can turn it on and off?  What would be the purpose?



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          I'm Galit from VIN QE team.

          I think I have the answers to most of your questions...


          1. Yes, the only thing Installed on the VC is the VIN extension and the plug-in UI.

          2. I'm not sure I understood the question....Ports discovery refers to the ports that the discovered services runs upon.

          3. Yes, a VIN for a VC, so if you have 2 VCs you must deploy a VIN for each and every one of them.

          4. I'm not sure, but it might cause the specific vms to be "un-discoverable" since their vm-tools is"old'

          5. The load during initial discovery is not high, it will be better to do it during off-hours, but not a must.

          6. SRM integration means that the UI screens will reflect the protection groups and the protection policy of the relevant vms. It will reflect in the Application Services Tab and in the VMs maps.

          There is an option to turn it off and on - according to customer needs.


          I hope i was helpful l...



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            TBKing Enthusiast

            Thanks - I forgot I posted this.


            #2) Ports example - We have vms' vNICs on vLAN A, vLAN B, vLAN C, the esx hosts' vmkernel (management) on vLAN D and our vCenter on vLAN E.  VIN would probably go on vLAN E as well.  And we have firewalls everywhere.

            Does the firewall need holes from VIN to vLAN A, vLAN B, vLAN C, and vLAN D,  or can VIN get it's information about the vms from the vmkernel on vLAN D - and only one firewall hole instead of 4?

            Thanks again!

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              fperalta999 Novice

              VIN discover services within machines without access to LAN. If you read install guide (page 15) says you have to open ports 443 and 902 to "vCenter IN to target hosts and virtual machines" but next lines says "For VIX protocol on target HOST to perform discovery". Yesterday i tested it with a machine without network access and VIN discover all services. So, my lab works only with VIN accesing the hosts, not the VMs.

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                TBKing Enthusiast


                That will make it easier to get approval for install.  I won't have to beg for more holes in the firewalls