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    Ubuntu 13.10 / kernel 3.11 support

    routelastresort Novice

      Is there a timeline for support for what will be the predominant desktop Linux distribution at time of release?


      • The TP should focus on supporting: 12.04 LTS, 13.04, and 13.10.
      • 12.10 and even 13.04 are unsupported as of early 2014.
      • Almost everyone is running LTS, or one of the two latest versions at any given time (all of the other versions are unsupported at that time)
      • Details at: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases


      I know this should be obvious, and must have been discussed before, but I'm just trying to provide good feedback for the tech preview.


      If anyone has a patch that works, (similar to 3.10 issues), hook me up!