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    Oracle RAC with SRM 5.1

    D1Q4 Novice

      Hi, good day to all of you..


      Does anyone's here ever implemented or tested Oracle RAC protected with Vmware SRM ?

      Does VMware SRM 5.1 support Oracle RAC?


      As i know, the RAC VMs shared they virtual disk to another RAC VMs. in my configuration the RAC-B VMs had 7 virtual disk mapped to RAC-A VMs and all works fine in production environment and they've plan to protect this RAC VMs with VMware SRM 5.1. we are using Array Based Replication with EMC RecoverPoint as the SRA.

      When i try test failover my protection group which is containing those two VMs, the RAC-B VMs not able to start with the following error


      The mapping virtual disk prevented the VMs from boot up, and there is no snapshot either from the RAC-A or RAC-B.

      Then i edit the VM Start up action from Recovery Plan, im setting the RAC-B to not power on at recovery site. and manually map the virtual disk after test failover, and the RAC-B still can't booting up.


      Please give me some enlightenment, how to map the virtual disk after failover to recovery site.


      Thanks Before




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