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    RHEL 6.x Support for JEOS

    siddharthgod Lurker

      Recently I have been evaluating JEOS support for our latest product line. Our requirement is to have just enough os with base os as RHEL 6.4. When i directly tried to use jeos tool on VMWare studion I got following error while using RHEL 6.4 image:


      Error: File distro:/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.18-194.el5 not found on distro


      Is there there something that I have missed ? I was trying to create jeos which has SSHD and Java as follows:


      jeoser --manifest --os-name=rhel_6_4_x86_64 --os-arch=x86_64 --os-ver=6.4 --os-pkg=rpm --instructions --file=/tmp/rhel64_64_jre_7.instr --os-id=rhel_6_4_x86_64 --os-distro=/mnt/mounted_rhel_6_4_x86_64 --out-file=/tmp/test.tar


      Is there any plan on supporting RHEL 6.x edition for jeos toolset in future ?