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    Keyboard Error. Keyboard not working at ESXi install screen.

    jfarri Novice
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      Im building a home lab on a Shuttle SH67H3 BIOS v2.0. Im installing ESXi 5.1 and Im having Keyboard issues. Using a USB keyboard I can get into and navigate the BIOS settings and I can start the ESXi boot loader(I used Unetbootin to create the ESXi boot usb). But when the ESXi Install Screen comes up "Press Enter to install" the keyboard doesnt work. Ive tried 2 different usb keyboards and neither work. I dont have any PS/2 ports on the back of the shuttle.


      I have tried ESXi 5.1 u1, 5.1, and I am about to try 4.1. Anyone else experienced this before?