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    endless mouse scroll when the mouse is grabbed

    ihudak Enthusiast


      1. host - OpenSUSE 12.3 x86_64

      2. vmware workstation 9.0.2

      3. guest - any windows (tested on Windows server 2012; Windows 8; Windows Server 2008R2; Windows 7 x64). Vmware tools installed

      4. host has 2 monitors with different resolutions (one is 1900x1200 (left monitor); another is full-hd resolution (right monitor))

      5. vmware runs full-screen on monitor #1


      Steps to reproduce

      1. move mouse to right monitor. vmware releases it and host Linux grabs the mouse.

      2. click somewhere on the right screen

      3. move mouse back to the left monitor. VMware grabs it for the full-screen running guest.

      4. open volume control and activate the volume pin.

      5. just move your mouse (no click, no scroll - just simple move)



      - volume goes up. This happens because for some reason horizontal mouse scroll is activated on any other mouse action (like simple move)

      - when you try to move your mouse to the right screen (host) vmware doesn't release it without pressing Alt+Ctrl. The mouse cursor gets locked in guest OS


      very annoying bug especially for such apps like Visio that has unlimited space for horizontal scrolling to right.




      - turn off automatic release/grab of the mouse cursor in vmware

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          jsa Hot Shot

          Similar and perhaps related issue...


          In any of several text editors in Windows virtual machines (several different versions), scrolling down or up via mouse wheel, will cause unpredictable jumps within the document (usually to the bottom of the document regardless of which way you were scrolling). 


          I turned off "Optimize Mouse for Games" in preferences, and this seemed to cure it. 

          I couldn't survive without automatic release / grab, because I use it all the time.

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            AndyRodosevich Lurker

            I have installed VMware on my windows computer. I have faced mouse unpredictable jumps in my document files. I saw this post when I was searching for window film kansas city for increasing home safety, protect the floors and furniture from the fading to the sun. I want to remove this problem. Thank you so much for this.