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    Where is the "capture movie" menu option ?

    ruymbeke Novice


      I just found out that the "capture movie" has been removed from the menu option.

      It was broken since Workstation 9 (Workstation 8 was still ok) and a bug report has been filed when 9 came up.

      I am now very disappointed by the way VMware decided to solve this bug by just removing this great feature from the menu.

      The movie capture is very helpful when debugging boot problems as some error messages just flash and cannot be read.

      Please join me and ask for this feature to be back in the coming official release.

      Best Regards,

      Gilles van Ruymbeke

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          JJoel42 Hot Shot
          VMware Employees

          As you mentioned, the quality of the movie capture has degraded seriously as screen resolutions have increased.     In the Workstation 9 timeframe, the quality had become so bad that we didn't have a choice, but to remove it.   We are exploring options to bring it back using a different technology, but this is more difficult than it looks.     The movie capturing capability takes place in the virtualization layer and needs to be implemented such that it doesn't negatively impact the overall performance and scalability of VMware's hypervisor.   We have attempted to make some improvements but they resulted in unaccepable consequences - specifically they were too processor intensive, so we are back to the drawing board.   The good news is that we have some ideas!

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            ruymbeke Novice


            Thank you very much for your response. I understand the technical challenges associated with this capture movie feature.

            Some of the problems are probably related to the screen resolution change seen during some Linux boot: from the small

            boot loader screen to the Linux kernel and initrd log messages and finally the X display server and manager.

            Anyway would you consider keeping this great feature with up to some limited screen resolution and with some acceptable

            performance compromise which would be good enough for debugging and creating instruction manual and video demos ?

            Knowing that it is probably a bad idea to keep it running for long time and in a production environment.

            Thank you very much for your help and support.

            Best Regards,


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              wila Guru
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              Would also love to see this feature return to Workstation and maybe while at it, consider adding it for Fusion too




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                ruymbeke Novice


                Any update about getting this great video capture feature back in the next release ?

                or at least with some acceptable compromise (such as reduced speed performance) ?



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                  WoodyZ Guru

                  It will not be in GA release of VMware Workstation 10 and it's not going to happen any time soon otherwise!

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                    l1ska Lurker


                    VMware Workstation 10 no Capture Movie :-(

                    No problem. :-)

                    Capture Movie in VMware Workstation 10:

                    OS + VMware Workstation 10 (include OS + VMware Workstation 8 (include OS))

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                      StitchTech Lurker

                      I'm not really that annoyed that the movie capture has been removed, but I do hope it will be brought back.


                      What REALLY frosts me, though, is:


                      1. That a search of VMware support did not find this post for me - I had to find it by searching Google, and

                      2. THAT THE FEATURE IS STILL LISTED IN THE OFFICIAL DOCUMENTATION FILE "ws10-using.pdf," JUST AS IT WAS IN THE ONE FOR WORKSTATION 9. How about we get on the ball and stop rubber stamping the documentation for these products and actually READ what we're telling people they can do with the software?

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                        wfdexter Lurker



                        If you can't get it working, I can live with that.


                        But I've been wondering where it went, and finally asked Google and found this. This, or any loss of a long-extant feature, should be clearly communicated.

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                          sysfried Novice

                          I agree. QM should have seen that.


                          On the other hand, if I want to capture videos of VMs, I have to use Oracle Virtualbox 4.3 now, which has included capturing videos with the latest release.


                          Don't want to mix two virtualization tools, but probably have to.





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                            VM0Sean Enthusiast

                            All due respect to Joel, I have to disagree with the conclusion.


                            Although increased resolutions can impact performance, leave that decision up to the user.  If I need to record videos, and the performance is too bad, then give me a warning dialog and let me choose a lower resolution to record on.  Removing a useful feature because in some cases the performance is unacceptable seems like a poor reason.


                            Besides, if I can do it on version 8 with no problems, no performance issues, then why can't I use the exact same VM and resolution on version 10?  That part makes no sense at all.


                            Worst case hard-code the resolution limit if that's what you're worried about.