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    Vcenter server P2V

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      Hi all,


      We are upgrading our vSphere from 4.1 to 5.1.

      We are getting an outside company to do the actual upgrade, but need to P2V the vCenter server. We want to make a virtual server of the vCenter server but not have it running as the vCenter server immediately, just need a stable virtual version of the vCenter server until the outside company can do the upgrade (which is scheduled to be done in 4 weeks). I found another plan on here  but have tweaked to our needs.


      • Verify good full backup of vCenter Server
      • Ensure there are no current migrations
      • Verify good full backup of SQL
      • Maintenance mode target ESX host and wait for all VM’s to DRS to another host
      • Disconnect ESX host from vCenter
      • Remove ESX host from vCenter
      • Stop all vCenter and SQL Services on physical vCenter server
      • Run P2V converter
      • Check if stable with NIC disabled


      Is there any issues with this plan? Anything else we need to be aware of?