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    Can you expand a HDD on an online Linux VM?

    pjohnstonlcs Lurker

      On Windows since at least 2008, you have been able to expand a disk on a running virtual machine in VMware (or any other virtualization/SAN LUN) and then expand the disk/volume within Windows without needing downtime/maintenance.


      We have SLES 11 VM’s with ext3 partitions in their LUNs.  I’m sure that there has to be a way to do this.  Is this possible with ext3, do I need to be using ext4, LVM, btrfs, I don’t know.  I keep searching for this on the web and as soon as I think I’ve found the answer there is a “now, reboot the virtual machine” in it.  Sorry I don’t have as much Linux experience as I do in Windows.