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    Question on updating ESXi

    ronnutter Novice

      I am learning how to work with ESXi and the item now on my list is how to update ESXi.  Since I am running the appliance version of vCenter, it appears that I will need to learn how to update via cli.  In the vSphere client, it shows the Image Profile ESXi-5.1.0-20130402001-standard.  Since I am running with the version that I downloaded from VMware, I wasnt sure if I needed to apply all of the updates I found. If I go with the 20130402001 as an indication of what version/patch level I am at, it would look like I only need to get the latest 3 patches.


      The next question is do I then apply these in order they were released or are they cumulative and I only need to apply the patch that was released last ?


      I am scheduled to go to  5.1 ICM class in a couple of weeks, just trying to get a good foundation under my feet.


      Thanks for being patient with a newbie,