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    Get List of VMs, Datastores and Folder name per Cluster

    2448Charles Novice

      Hello!!  I'm hoping someone can assist me with a PowerCLI script that can pull the subject info into a txt or csv file.  In an effort to get our environment cleaned up before our next DR exercise with SRM, I want to get a list that shows each VM, the datastore(s) it resides on, and the Folder name within VMs and Templates view.  We keep our VMs organized by creating folder names that correspond to the app running on the VM.  I mention SRM because last year our Protected Groups matched the Rcopy groups from our 3PAR array.  However, we've added over 200 new VMs since that time and my team members basically placed these new VMs on the first available datastore that had enough free space.  Unfortunately, we're not utilizing Storage Profiles...it's scheduled for next year.


      The extracted info would look similiar to the following:


      Servername    Datastore   Folder Name

      Server1            LUN0           ActiveDirectory

      Server2            LUN0           ActiveDirectory

      Server3            LUN1           ActiveDirectory

      Server4            LUN3           Argo

      Server5            LUN7           Argo

      Server6            LUN6           Lockbox

      Server7            LUN5           Lockbox

      Server8            LUN9           Citrix



      Any help with extracting this info from vCenter would be greatly appreciated.




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