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    VIN 2 - Access failed. Unknown error...

    Matrix_1970 Enthusiast

      Hi all,


      I made the deployment of VIN 2.0. Apparently all is well. I entered the license and enabled the discovery. After the first moments when VIN shows the message "First Discovery pending ..." then I get out of all VMs, including the same VIN, the message "Access failed. Unknown error while retrieving data from Infrastructure Navigator".

      Any suggestions? I tried to restart it several times.


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          Hi Matrix,


          There could be many reasons for this.

          Please check for the following:

          1. Does the VIN VA have access to the VC?

          2. Is the above VC configured to use non standard ports for HTTP/HTTPS communication (not 80/443)?

          3. Does the VIN VA have access to the ESX hosts that host those VMs?


          Have you contacted your sales engineer / PSO regarding this issue?

          Is there an SR open on this?

          It will be very helpful to get a support package from the VA to analyze what happened, as this is a very general error.