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    Veeam re-ip and replication to LAN

    ArielStu Enthusiast


      Have the latest Veeam, Version,  replicated a VM  From the LAN to the DMZ as a test, wanted to test the re-ip and performance.

      It was the first time, so the whole VM having size 40GB was replicated to the DMZ,

      Veeam parameters used:  LAN,   and optimal Compression


      The Source VM is located on Host ESXi  5.1 into  Storage  Equalogic PS4100 


      The Destination VM was built on Host ESXi  5.1 (in DMZ)  Two locals disks Scasi Raid 1


      i set  the   re-ip option and gave  the new  IP Address and Mask,   but  didn't change

      Performance on all VM's on the Source Host ESXi into Storage was so slow that even RDP could not be done,

      not only during the replication time, but also afterwards,


      Any ideal



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          CSSMP Enthusiast

          I've actually tested, limited might I add, as I'm running v6.5 and found even with putting the QOS on the bandwidth it still seems to saturate the network. Have to perfome a seeding and then the replicaiton or the initial replication is going to be hard to push depending on your bandwidth. I've been reading v7 will have better built in dedupe and compression so I'm waiting to upgrade and test that version when it comes out.


          Regards, CSSMP

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            AndreasNeufertVeeamSoftware Enthusiast

            CSSMP You can use the Veeam own global bandwidth trottling for that. See Veeam Options Menu or at each Proxy configuration.

                                v7 dedup didn´t changed at normal backup. normal Compression will use less CPU ressources with v7. Veeam ads own WAN Acceleration for Backup Copy Jobs (will replicate the backed up Veeam Repository VMs to second target on Change block level) which uses Special compression, dynamic block size deduplication, Global Caching (Cached  Data are not transfered a second time over WAN link) and Backup File Caching (Backup Files are used for Cache as well).


            ArielStu Hard to guess with the written Information why this happened.

                 => ReIP.  Did you use the Veeam own "Failover" including enabled Network connection? Was it a Windows VM? I think Veeam Support can Analyse and help you to fix that.

                 => Slow Performance: Veeam reads only data when a Backup/Replication Job runs. Veeam Backup & Replication do not Change any storage read/write things at the VMs (like VMware own Replication). If all Jobs are not running and you see still problems with performance, I think you have another Problem with your host. You can use 30 Day Trial of Veeam ONE to have a look at disk IO /Latency, Memory and other things. (Memory Ballooning?). Also please contact Veeam Support to anaylse if Veeam sees anything in their logs.


            CU Andy