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    View Agent installs fails with Error 1920: Trouble with the View Composer Guest Agent Server

    NorbinCruz Lurker

      I'm running into this issue with a virtual Windows 7 system which had the View Agent installed. I made updates to our base-image template and following an advised from our Sys Admin I removed and try to reinstall the View Agent on the virtual workstation. The removal process worked like expected, however now during the reinstallation I'm receiving the NetLogon message below. Ignoring the message then leads to "VMware View Composer Guest Agent Server (VMware-viewcomposer-ga) failed to start" .  I tried searching online didn't find much information. Any help is appreciated.


      View Agent Version = 5.1.3


      Troubleshooting steps:

      ** Reboot the system and start installation from scratch. No luck.

      ** Assure Service\s dependencies are not disabled and launched the installer with multiple accounts with Admin rights - including Local Admin. Same outcome.
      ** Installing the View Agent excluding the View Computer Guest Agent allows the installer to complete successfully, but I believe I need this component for provisioning workstations in View. Modifying the installation to include the View Composer component fails at the same point.


      "Error 1920. Server NetLogon (NetLogon) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start the system services.




      "VMware View Composer Guest Agent Server (VMware-viewcomposer-ga) failed to start"