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    Extra Disk Created during Clone/Sysprep for Windows Server 2012

    silverline Novice

      I am running vSphere 5.1 with all patches applied to everything.



      When Windows Server 2012 was RTMed I started building a primary server to use for clones for all of our other ones.  This worked fine and we have slowly been deploying 2012 VMs for a while.



      Recently my backup administrator came to me with a question about an extra disk it is seeing on the 2012 VMs that is not shown anywhere else.



      It looks like this:

        extra disk.png

      No label, 0MB, Healthy Primary Partition.  And NOT the system partition that I know should be there.



      I went back and converted my template back to a VM to see if this disk was included in the original clone that has been used for all of the VMs showing it and it is not showing there.  Nor is it showing on any of the physical 2012 hosts which we installed Windows Server 2012 on.



      So it seems like there is something during the clone and/or sysprep process that is adding this extra unnecessary disk for server 2012 VMs.  Server 2008 Template still works fine for everything - no  extra disks shown.



      Anyone else seeing this?  We talked to Commvault, our backup platform, and they say they are seeing this in their labs as well.