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    View Desktops (VDI) vs. Terminal Server

    thodie Novice

      Dear Community,


      I'm just in progress to learn the basics about the View environment.
      At this point i'm trying to understand some conceptional questions regarding the use of the View clients.

      Until today we are using Terminal Server VM's for our customers in order to have dedicated or even shared systems.

      There are several matrix tables showing the recommended CPU, Memory and disk dimensions according to the numbers of users on the TS.

      This means it was quite clear for me how to design the VM's.


      With the View environment in the future we would like to replace the TS VM's by using VDI.

      At this point there are many questions left for us like how to size the client master VM, but also what kind of pool to choose?


      If we size the master client VM with 1 vCPU, 1GB Memory and 60GB Disk, does this means, if our (linked clone) pool contains a max. of 30 available and online client vm's, our ESX resources will consume

      30vCPUs, 30GB Memory and 1.8TB Disk?


      Thanks for any hints.


      Regards thodie


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          mittim12 Guru

          The pool would consume the CPU and Memory resources but the storage would be much lower.     In linked clone environments the "clones" will try to read as much data as possible from the "master clone" and only write the differential data to disk.    This means that the storage required will be limited to the differential data.     If you combine this with with roaming profiles and folder redirection you can reduce the amount of disk needed for a VDI environment.     I suggest checking out this site, http://myvirtualcloud.net/, as it's a plethora of VDI information centered around VMware View.