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    DataProviderAdapter - Propagate Exceptions to the UI Layer

    AlfredoQuiroga Novice

      When implementing Java Services, thrown exceptions can be propagated to the UI layer. They can be caught as part of the the response in the UI layer and shown to the user if needed. However, for cases where the request goes through a DataProviderAdapter we have not been able to find a way to pass the exceptions all the way back to the UI Layer.


      The scenario is as follows:


      a) We have in our plugin.xml a "Tree" which defines via XML meta data RequestSpecs, etc...


      b) We are able to populate the tree with the elements based on the field definitions, response, etc.


      c) When an exception takes place in the Data Provider implementation we are able to catch the exceptions and log them but have NOT found a way to make sure the exception bubbles up to the UI.


      What is the recommended way to propagate exceptions to the UI layer when when they take place on the server side while using Data Provider implementations?


      Thanks in advance.