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    ESXi 5 not allowing me to bind to LDAP

    Chlsmith Novice

      I have several ESXi hosts and I'm trying to get them to join AD so I can roll out administrative permissions through AD groups.   I have joined the servers to the domain and that part worked as expected.


      Now, when I go into Permissions to add a group, as soon as I choose my domain in the dropdown, I get the following error:


      "A general system error occurred: Error accessing directory: Can't bind to LDAP server for domain <domain name>.   Call "UserDirectory.RetrieveUserGroups" for object "ha-user-directory" on ESXi "<hostname>" failed."


      This is occurring on 5 of my 7 ESXi hosts, and there's nothing that I'm aware of that's different on the other two.  


      Could this be a problem with requiring LDAPS on my domain?   If so, why would it work on the other two servers?   Just weird.


      Any tips would be appreciated.   Thanks!