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    Default Playback Device Bug?

    gogogo5 Expert



      We are using View 5.1.2, vSphere 5.1, Windows 7 x64 SP1 virtual desktops, PCoIP...


      When no USB devices are plugged in the default Playback device shown in Control Panel is VMware Virtual Audio (DevTap) device.  All good so far.


      If a USB device is plugged in which has a sound output capability (in this case a pair of USB headphones), the default playback device is automatically switched to the newly plugged in USB headphones - we don't want this, we want the user to manage the default playback device.  This does not occur on a standard Windows 7 thick client desktop which I would view as "normal" behaviour.  When plugging in the USB headphones the currently set default playback device remains as the default device and does not flick over to the headphones.


      Anyone know if the above is expected behaviour in a View environment?  Is it possible to control this so that Windows 7 keeps it's default playback device regardless of what is plugged in and allow the user to change the default playback device when required?