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    Need assistance in choosing between Vsphere ICM 5.1 and Vsphere FT

    xchangepatewon Novice

      The company i work for is in the process of implementing a total VM solution (additional 15k netapp shelf, possible FC switches and 3-4 HOSTS IBM or Cisco Host solution.  With this new project i have been given the green light to take some training and get certified.  I spoke with VMware education staff today about my choices and they mentioned either the vsphere ICM 5.1 course or the vsphere 5.1 FT course. They mentioned all the differences of FT and i am trying to determine if i should go for that one or stick with the ICM course.  I have read about all the additional content covered in the FT course, but was curious if it is water downed based on the amount of content jammed into just 5 days?  Also i am somewhat new to vsphere. i have setup a lab environment with two esxi hosts with iscsi shared storage using freenas on my own and have used vm workstation and vmware fusion on a daily basis (i know those are type 2 hypervisors which are totally different animals vs the type 1 hypervisor of esxi).

      Can anyone shed some light as which way would be a better way to go? i have no experience with prior versions of vmware vsphere, esx or esxi.



      i look forward to your input.