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    Any updated dates for v2.7?

    michaelmartin8080 Lurker

      Last I could find in the 2.7 discussion the target date for release of 2.7 (with that all-important Ubuntu 12.04 support!) was Q1 of 2013.  It's not Q3 and we haven't heard a peep.  Any updates from the VMware folks on the forum?  How about just an Ubuntu 12.04 template for 2.6?

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          data101 Novice

          Second that! Could we have a date or a template please?

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            samdoyle Enthusiast
            VMware Employees

            Ideally we would like to have a 2.7 release not based on the 32-bit Ubuntu 8.04 LTS which is now EOL

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              sinharme Novice

              I would like to have some information on whether there will be a next version of VMware studio or not. I am building automation around it create appliances in my env. If there are no further releases planned, I will then have to look for other options.

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                mfinn Novice

                Bump.  Any more word on this?

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                  MisterSkip Lurker

                  Yeah I heard that. it was supposed to be released Q2 2013 and here we are a year later and no news? I was looking forward to the disable screen shot functionality.

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                    mfinn Novice

                    I am most concerned about the infrastructure and ovf support becoming out dated.  As it sits, we are stuck at hardware version 7 with studio, ovf version 1.0 (latest release was 2.1 which has a LOT of new features for cloud which we need), I even believe the ubuntu version distributed with 2.6 is no longer supported?  Just like sinharme above, we've invested a lot of time building automation around studio and very soon we will need to break ties if the future of this product is uncertain.  The other VMware products and OVF have just come too far since the last release.  If VMware will no longer make releases, is there any chance of this product being released open source?

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                      samdoyle Enthusiast
                      VMware Employees

                      Internally there is, what we are calling, a 3.0 build based on the 2.7 plus an upgrade to Ubuntu 12.04x64. Most bits have been revved minus the ovf which was not considered, if adding support for a later ovf release is not too involved then that might be doable. The open source release is not as straight forward as it might appear and given the current resources the only option I can think of for public use would be some non-official release process. I will ask if something like this might be possible.

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                        mfinn Novice

                        Sam, I appreciate you looking into these kinds of options and I am looking forward to your response.  At this point I'd be very willing to work with whatever you guys can provide. If there is anything I can do to help as an outsider, or as a VMware Partner, please let me know!  I have certainly made our technical account managers/team aware of our interest.  I am a firm believer that this technology is a DevOps enabler to some of our more atypical and stove-piped environments.  In these environments we cannot rely on either cloud services or toolsets which is the beauty of this approach.  All we need is vSphere or Workstation to deploy our infrastructure as code (which we already have ) as everything else required is completely encapsulated.

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                          sinharme Novice

                          Thanks a lot Sam, for the reply.


                          We are counting on the next release of VMware Studio esp for the revved up baseOS(ubuntu) and support for hardware versions 9 and 10. If you could give an ETA of even un-official release, it will be a great help.


                          Regards, Harmeet

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                            samdoyle Enthusiast
                            VMware Employees

                            I'm trying to rev profile ovf support to latest release of of DSP8023 and accompanying schemas such as some from the latest CIM 2.40.0.

                            Since we are leveraging ovftool we get backwards compatibility from 1.1 back to 1.0 and 0.0. It doesn't appear the 2x version is yet supported so until ovftool provides support for that Studio can't support it as well.

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                              samdoyle Enthusiast
                              VMware Employees

                              Can you provide what new features you were expecting? You mentioned ovf 2x and cloud, could you provide specifics? As I mentioned, OVF2x is not supported by OVF Tool and I don't believe it is supported yet in other VMware products although I could be wrong on that.


                              I have a build working based on:





                              Document number: DSP8023

                              Date: 2013-08-22

                              Version: 1.1.1

                              and supporting CIM schemas from CIM Schema: Version 2.40.0



                              However, this is just the conversion and no *new* features or whatever added to the overall build. It also appears this may require ESXi 5.5 as I had encountered some problems with an earlier 5.1 build I had but it was a very early build. This would also involve updating a build profile for an appliance since the schemas have changed but there is not much to that.


                              I will ask if there is some release channel that could be used purely for a beta release otherwise the running around with legal and documentation for the official release process could take a substantial amount of time. I still think there would be some legal involved in coming up with a disclaimer stating it is unofficial/unsupported etc.


                              Thanks, S.D.

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                                mfinn Novice


                                I really appreciate your help on this.  Below, taken from the OVF website is the list of new functionality in OVF 2.0.  Most of the features would be very beneficial as they address some sore spots from the original specs.  I've included comments on which ones I think would give us the most benefit (1 being most beneficial for us).  It seems like most of these things would require support by atleast OVF Tool and maybe even ESXi/vCenter.

                                OVF 2.0 brings an enhanced set of capabilities to the packaging of virtual machines, making the standard applicable to a broader range of cloud use cases that are emerging as the industry enters the cloud era. The most significant improvements include support for network configuration along with the ability to encrypt the package to ensure safe delivery.

                                New features of OVF 2.0 include:

                                  • Improved support for network configuration (2)

                                  • Package encryption for safe delivery  (1)

                                  • Scaling and deployment options  (1)

                                  • Support for basic placement policies, including affinity and availability placement (2)

                                  • Shared disks (2)

                                  • Advanced device boot order (3)

                                  • Advanced mechanisms for passing data to guest (1)

                                  • Updated CIM schemas (2)


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                                  samdoyle Enthusiast
                                  VMware Employees

                                  Without both ESXi and OVF Tool support for v2.0 Studio can't support it.
                                  The most that we can do is up to 1.1.1 which I have done with the internal build but that would be a start.


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                                    BWatCS Lurker

                                    It's been a few months since the last post. I've only recently come upon Studio and I'm really itching to use it, but I have to have more recent OS support (ideally Ubuntu 12.04 or something recent Debian).


                                    Is this product going to continue to exist? Time isn't my friend so if its another year+ before a release, I have to move on.


                                    Thanks in advance for any info!

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