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    Converting template back to VM results in "Invalid configuration for device '0'"

    jwoosley Lurker



      I'm running into an error whenever I convert my Win7 template back to a VM.  The VM will start just fine, but the Network Adapter on the VM will have "Connect at power on" checked, and "Connected" unchecked.  If I try to enable the Network Adapter I get the error message "Invalid configuration for device '0'".  I can fix this problem by simply removing the adapter, and adding a new one.  This is fine until I convert it back to a template.  If I deploy any VMs using this template, they will fail to join our AD domain using the customization template.


      The frustrating part is everything was working just fine until after I performed a storage vMotion of some VMs.  I'm unsure if it is related, but that's when I started seeing all the problems.


      I've read quite a few posts on here and other places with people that are having the generic error message "Invalid configuration for device '0'", and this blog entry (Set-NetworkAdapter The operation for the entity VirtualMachine-vm- failed with the following message: “Invalid…) sounded like it would have fixed my issue, but the check always comes back clean.


      Any ideas?