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    ESXi 5.1 on HP (ProLiant DL380p Gen8) Hardware Monitoring / Health Status Issues

    nislink Lurker

      I am having trouble with getting accurate hardware monitoring with ESXi 5.1 on an HP (ProLiant DL380p Gen8) server. The build installed is 799733 (HP version, with HP Tools installed)


      I am using this server as an example, however we have other servers that don't appear to be showing correct hardware information either. We use N-Able for our RMM software, and I noticed that it detected 5 power supplies for this server (4, 5, and 6 showed normal while 1 and 2 showed a failure). Also, all of the fans were showing a failed status for health state as well. I called N-Able and they looked into it and basically told me that the UI was displaying the information given by VMware, and I would need to contact VMware to see why it wasn't giving out the correct health information.



      When I vSphere directly to the Hyper Visor I can see that N-Able may be correct. Under Power it shows the following information:





      In N-Able it detected power supply 1-2, 4,5, & 6. 1 & 2 show failed, the rest show that they are fine. There are not 5 power supplies in this server. Also, N-Able detected 6 fans and shows the following for all of them.





      N-Able pulls Fan and Power Supply status directly from the ESXi via