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    Bug - Workstation - Can't view HDD properties or Clone on RAMDisk

    JVlo Novice

      Again Workstation just gives useless error messages.

      "One of the parameters supplied is invalid."


      Steps to reproduce.

      Install Imdisk and create a large RAMDisk (I made mine 14GB)

      Create a new Virtual Machine in Workstation 9.0.2

      Choose any operating system type.

      Make the hard drive 1GB or whatever size you like (much smaller than the RamDisk size to avoid free space check errors)

      After the VM has been created Click on the Hard Disk in VM Settings. (therefore NO disk operations can be performed)

      Try create a full clone of the VM and you get the same error.


      I've realized Workstation is really slow in comparison to VirtualBox, because it can't run VM's on RAMDisks properly.

      I don't see any attitude of wanting to improve workstation. When I post issues here people come and try convince me to live with them.