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    Hands-on Labs blog posts

    DougBaer Master
    VMware Employees

      Hi Everyone,


      I'm new to the Hands-on Labs team and wanted to let you know that I'm planning to write some HOL-related blog posts on both the Hands-on Labs blog and the vSphere blog.


      The stuff on the vSphere blog will probably lean more towards the products that we use to build and host the labs, while the material on the HOL blog will be more related to how or why we do things in the labs. As a team, we cover how we are using the labs at events, where we're doing so, and any new features. On that front, I recommend you keep an eye out for some announcements very shortly. As part of my new posts, I hope to be able to address common questions over there as well.


      If you're interested, you can check out the HOL blog here and my first post on the vSphere Blog is here


      Enjoy, and go take a lab!