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    Workstation - Power On > Select Boot Device

    JVlo Novice

      I'm glad workstation added an option to Power On to BIOS, a feature I requested years ago.


      Another feature greatly needed is Power on to Select Boot Device.

      Its lame having to go into the BIOS just to select the boot device, and then after doing whatever I need with that boot device, power the machine off just so that I can power the macine on AGAIN to the BIOS, change the BIOS, AGAIN and another reset.


      Select Boot Device is currently just as useless as Press F2 to enter BIOS was before. VMWare boots so fast I can't get to it.

      Booting fast is good. Expecting me to press a button within 10 milliseconds is bad. Lets focus on user experience?

      So in conclusion Power On to Select Boot Device will improve Workstation's usability a lot.


      In fact, you should remove the BIOS POST screen entirely. Its a waste of time and human attention.

      When I want to power the machine on, just power it on.

      When I want to select boot device, just let me select boot device.

      When I want BIOS, give me BIOS.




      Thanks for taking the time to read my opinion.