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    Vsphere 5.0 Client Shows different error message based on Build version

    shgit1 Lurker

      Hi All,


      We are trying to implement the custom task and in case of error message we are setting the custom error message. Showing of custom error message in vsphere5.0 client differ based on the vsphere client version.


      Lets say I want to display the Custom message as "Test Custom Message" on Vsphere5.0 client under "Status" column in Recent Task

      On Vsphere5.0 client with build 380461 shows the custom error message properly(Test Custom Message) . Where as the same custom error message appear incorrectly(as Can not complete the operation.Please see the event log for detail) on Vsphere5.0 client with build 755629.


      Please let me know if some one has faced the same issue? Is the defect with Vsphere client build version ?