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    NDG claims schools with VMWare VMAP subscription may use those licenses to build a Netlab+ environment

    JCTeacher Novice

      My school is currently a subscriber of VMWare VMAP that allows me to teach VSphere. That is great and the classes are a huge success.

      Another instructor has contracted with NDG to install their NETLAB+ environment in order to teach CISCO classes.

      I know that the NETLAB+ with Cisco modules require some special "command" switches that allow students to remotely do Cisco labs using our hardware.

      The comment was also put forth, by the instructor and the NDG rep, that we could use NETLAB+ to build other "pods" for use in other courses such as VSphere, or even general computer networking classes such as Active Directory Services, or Exchange Server.


      The NDG website states that "Pods" are really made up of VMs that are hosted by ESXi hosts. The NETLAB+ appliance acts as a interface allowing instructors to set up student accounts and persistent pods that students can use by remote desktop methods. I have used NETLAB+ for my VCP course, good stuff. The problem is that the NDG website claims that any college that has a VMAP agreement can use those licenses to build out the NETLAB+ infrastructure.


      Is this right?


      Thanks in advance for any assistance. Hopefully someone from NDG will see this. I wonder if this situation is one of the reasons VMWare had to clamp down on VMAP usage?