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    Delete old sandbox in \Roaming\Thinstall

    GeoffA Novice


      Does anyone know how to permanently delete old sandboxes in the \user\appdata\roaming\thinstall directory? If I delete them wait for some time for Persona to record changes,restart a new floating desktop, all of the sandboxes I deleted are back. These are to Thinapps that are no longer being served by View, and therefore the package was a test and has long been deleted itself. I now find my roaming profile filled with obsolete sandboxes, and one sandbox that causes my current Thinapp to fail so I need to get that one deleted as well. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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          pubudu326 Novice

          Hi Geoffa,


          I understood your problem. problem related to your roaming profile. As you noticed you are using persona management to save your profile to shared location. You have to log out every VMs and then better to recompose that all vms. after that go to your persona management profile saved location (shared location) and delete thinstall folder or any of folder inside that you unwanted.

          Please make sure that you have not any vms with your previous profile the thing is when you logged back to it old profile again can sync.


          Hope this will solve your problem. Please check and let me know any further details about vmware horizon environment as well as thinapp.