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    Base System Device driver not installed

    jseth Enthusiast

      I was going at my first attempt to capture a base layer, and ran into the issue that in the Device Manager of the reference computer, which is a virtual machine, that in Device Manager, there is the yellow triangle indicating that the Base System Device has no driver installed for it. I'm pretty sure that it's the chipset driver, however I intentionally did not install any specific driver packages for the base layer as I have the drivers in the driver library and want to use the same base layer for our desktops and our laptops, with just the different driver profiles assigned. When the drivers and the base layer come together, I'm guessing that the issue will be resolved. Must I set some driver to clear the Device Manager error, even though it might not be the correct driver for the model of computer that eventually receives that base layer? I'm very new to this, so excuse me if this is a dumb question! Thank you.