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    Query regarding vm-support

    Phaneendra_Krotha Novice

      Hi Members !


      I have three queries:



      1.Which file(s) get collected when we run vm-support on the virtual machine console and not on the ESX server console(through ssh/putty) ?

      2.We can customize vm-support command by creating a new manifest file and run our own command. Is there any way to trigger an application or a batch file which resides on the virtual machine system under the host from the vm-support command ?(Note here that vm-support is actually meant to be run on the ESX console ideally.)

      3.Is there any way to call vm-support command through vi java.


      My motive is I want to collect vmware specific log files such as vmware.log,.vmx files,hostd,vmkernel,vpxa and vpxd logs.I also want to trigger a java application which is residing in one of the virtual machines under the ESX host through vm-support.


      Awaiting your inputs.


      Thanks & Regards,